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  • Customers come to Home Supplies so they can rest assured that they are getting the right materials for the job, quality products that will last, professional customer service, and fair prices. We have a wide range of supplies and offer special services to customers. Come experience the Home Supplies difference.


Few things impact the look of a home as dramatically as the siding you choose. Let us help you to find a high-quality siding product that meets your budget and enhances your home’s style. We also offer fast delivery and professional siding installation.

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The doors to a home provide privacy and security, but they also serve as an important design element to your home’s exterior. At Home Supplies, you will appreciate our wide selection of doors from the industry’s top brands. Plus, we are the door hanging experts. Let us modify and install your door for that perfect fit, look, and optimal functionality.

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Whether you need to replace windows during a remodel or you are looking for top-quality windows for new home construction, we will provide what you need. Let our team set you up with the right windows to meet your budget and goals. We also facilitate installation you can trust.

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Molding and trim add that finishing touch to your new home build or remodel. Make sure you are getting the best of the best in products and installation by turning to our team. There’s no reason to settle when we are here to offer the superior products and services that work for your budget.

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Specialty Lumber

Whatever your wood needs, we have the traditional and specialty lumber to meet your home construction or remodel specifications. From basic pieces like panels and strips to pattern and board stock, our friendly team will help you to find the right lumber and provide on-time site delivery.

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Door Hardware

At Home Supplies, you can find the door hardware to achieve the look and functionality you want for any door in your home. Our selection is extensive and varied to meet your budget needs.

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Having a hard time getting materials?

These days it seems to be impossible to get anything due to challenges in the supply chain. We are constantly getting inventory from our suppliers so we can keep your projects moving forward.  If you’re having a hard time getting common materials or are in search of something unique that you won’t find from your typical home supply store, it’s time to call Home Supplies, Inc.

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Home Supplies, Inc., is a family-owned and operated business in Dover, FL, dedicated to meeting a wide variety of product and service needs for homeowners and contractors.

Home Supplies is a hidden gem in Tampa Bay that most people don’t know exists, but will never go anywhere else once they find it.

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Frequently Ask questions

A pre-hung door has the frame already on it from the factory. A door without a frame is called a slab.

Please do this slowly: With the door shut, stand in front of it so that it will pull toward you to OPEN it. If the lockset is on the RIGHT side it is a right-hand door. If the lockset is on the LEFT side it is a left-hand door. If this is an exterior door we will need to know if this is an inswing or outswing.

Aluminum windows in masonry openings are measured from the outside at their widest and tallest points. Sometimes stucco can be covering a half-inch or more of the window.

In wood frame homes, the frame opening (a.k.a. daylight opening) is what is needed. Sometimes trim needs to be removed to expose the accurate opening for this application.

For most vinyl window change outs (changing aluminum to new vinyl windows) the inside drywall to drywall, and drywall to sill measurements are needed.

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